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Are you not able to go and see the departure or the arrival of the ships? No worries! You can always follow them via the webcams across the river Scheldt.
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Westerschelde The Netherlands-Belgium 1 2 3 Webcam Hogere Zeevaartschool Antwerpen 1 2 Webcam Terneuzen 3 Webcams Vlissingen - Scheldemonding Facing towards the city and the cruise terminal 2 webcams of the Westerschelde 3 webcams of the Scheldt estuary 2 webcams of the Western lock (connection to Ghent) Webcam  Antwerp Maritime Academy Webcam  Terneuzen (Westward) Webcam  Terneuzen (Eastward) Webcam  Flushing Estuary (Eastward)
Ships that sail to Ghent, or come from Ghent, will sail the Ghent-Terneuzen canal You can follow their manoeuvre in the Western lock at Terneuzen on the two webcams below
Webcam  Flushing Estuary (Eastward) Webcam  Flushing Estuary (Seaview-West) Webcam  Western lock Terneuzen (Southward) Webcam  Western lock Terneuzen (Northward)