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Subject E-mail: Photo contest Content E-mail: - Date of the photo / photos - Name of the ship / ships - Name of the photographer Photo size: Original size !! E-mails that not comply with all of the above-mentioned conditions will not be added to the contest database.
Photo Contest
Do you have beautiful or special photos from cruise ships that visited Antwerp?  Take part in our annual photo contest and win one of our prizes!
Read below how you can submit your photos
Send us your best photos via the e-mail address at the bottom of the page. Please carefully read the contest conditions in advance! You can send us photos multiple times. The 3 winners will be announced on 4 January 2022.
Contest Conditions
By participating in this contest you agree with the method and decisions of Cruise Ships in Antwerp. The winners of this contest will be selected by our team. It is not possible to withdraw or change our decisions after the distribution of the winners. The prizes will be send to the winners by our team. When the contest ends we contact the winners in person and try to get the prize to them as soon as possible. Prizes: When one of the prizes would get lost in the postal system we cannot ensure to be able to send a second copy.
E-mail: cruiseantwerpen@gmail.com
1st prize: Book ‘Contradicties - Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen’ (in Dutch!), poster of the harbour & ball pen of Fashion Antwerp 2nd prize: USB-stick (8GB) & ball pen of Fashion Antwerp 3rd prize: USB-stick (8GB) & ball pen of Fashion Antwerp
1 ste Prijs
2 de & 3 de Prijs
* Prizes will only be sent within Europe
Winners Photo Contest
©Sebastiaan Peeters
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1st prize Astor - ©Michel Depril
2nd prize Prinsendam - ©Paul Van Krunkelsven
3rd prize Columbus - ©Frans Truyens
1st prize Magellan - ©Stefan Lambrechts
2nd prize Europa 2 - ©Danielle Roubroeks
3rd prize Magellan - ©Marc De Prins
1st prize Silver Whisper - ©Florent Van Dessel
2nd prize Prinsendam - ©Kevin Van Ruyteghem
3rd prize Fram - ©Ann Deneut
1st prize Albatros - ©Eddy Maes
2nd prize Pont-Aven - ©Serge Bailleul
3rd prize Seabourn Pride - ©Glen Peelman
1st prize AIDAluna - ©Kelly van de Vliet
2nd prize MSC Lirica - ©Eddy Maes
3rd prize Albatros - ©Kevin Van Ruyteghem
1st prize Ocean Princess - ©Marc Wulteputte
2nd prize Balmoral - ©John Moussiaux
3rd prize Marco Polo - ©Leo Dirkx
Magellan - ©Stefan Lambrechts Silver Whisper - ©Florent Van Dessel Albatros - ©Eddy Maes Pont-Aven - ©Serge Bailleul Prinsendam - ©Kevin Van Ruyteghem Europa 2 - ©Danielle Roubroeks Magellan - ©Marc De Prins Fram - Ann Deneut Seabourn Pride - ©Glen Peelman AIDAluna - ©Kelly van de Vliet Ocean Princess - ©Marc Wulteputte Balmoral - ©John Moussiaux MSC Lirica - ©Eddy Maes Albatros - ©Kevin Van Ruyteghem Marco Polo - ©Leo Dirkx
1st prize Magellan - ©András Veres
2nd prize Magellan - ©Kevin Van Ruyteghem
3rd prize Prinsendam - ©Eddy Maes
Magellan - ©András Veres Magellan - ©Kevin Van Ruyteghem Prinsendam - ©Eddy Maes Astor - ©Michel Depril Prinsendam - ©Paul Van Krunkelsven Columbus - ©Frans Truyens
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1st prize Pont-Aven - ©Marc De Prins
2nd prize Braemar - ©Florent Van Dessel
3rd prize Columbus - ©Jean-Marie Cools
Pont-Aven - ©Marc De Prins Braemar - ©Florent Van Dessel Columbus - ©Jean-Marie Cools
1st prize AIDAvita - ©Olga Shmanai
2nd prize Amera - ©Frans Truyens
3rd prize Balmoral - ©Paul Van Krunkelsven
AIDAvita - ©Olga Shmanai Amera - ©Frans Truyens Balmoral - ©Paul Van Krunkelsven