MS Maksim Gorkiy, Star Flyer, Black Sea Shipping Company, Star Clippers
Cruises 1991
??/??/1991 DATE M* SHIP Maksim Gorkiy CRUISE LINE Black Sea Shipping Company LENGTH 195m ORIGIN Soviet Union ETA / ETD /
Maksim Gorkiy
Black Sea Shipping Company
The cruise ship Maksim Gorkiy was part of the fleet of Black Sea Shipping Company, a company from Ukrain in the former Soviet Union. The ship was built in Germany in 1969. In 1974 the ship was bought by the Soviet Union where it sailed until 1992. In 2009 the ship was scrapped in Alang in India. This ship was berthed in Antwerp in 1991.
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Star Flyer
Star Clippers
The sail cruise ship Star Flyer was docked in Antwerp for a few days  in 1991. The ship was delivered by the shipyard  Scheepswerven van Langerbrugge in Ghent, Belgium at the start of May. At the Flandria pontoon the ship prepared itself for its first voyage. This ship was berthed in Antwerp from 16 until 18 May 1991.
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