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Beth Place - Sea Cruise Ships
Cruiseschepen meren aan in het historische stadscentrum ©Mike Louagie
Photo: Celebrity Century © Mike Louagie
Cruise terminal Zuiderterras (ships up to 265 metres)
Technical data:
The location of the cruise terminal in Antwerp is unique. The cruise ships dock in  the heart of the city, literally 200 metres away from the historic city centre. This  allows the passengers to explore the city, without a shuttle bus, at any given time of the day. The cruise terminal is located below the Zuiderterras, one of two classified  promenades along the river Scheldt. On the promenade you can observe the ships  at only a few metres distance. Almost no other cruise port in the world offers this feature.  Because the ships dock in the middle of the city it is also very easy to reach the terminal by public transport.
The cruise terminal is located at the Ernest Van Dijckkaai, next to the Steenplein. The 1510m² large terminal building is situated below the historical elevated promenade 'Het Zuiderterras' and is accessible by wheelchair. The terminal is also equipped to handle baggage. The terminal exists of a large waiting area and sanitary facilities. It also has an information desk where the passengers can get informed about the places of interest in the city. When you booked an excursion and you have to travel by bus, you can find the busses waiting only a few metres away from the terminal building. At the quay side there is a unique gangway that has been design specially for Antwerp. The 50 metres long construction is movable over the complete length of the quay and adjusts itself automatically to the tide. The complete construction has no steps and has been provided with an antiskid layer which makes it accessible by wheelchair users. The Zuiderterras is an elevated walking promenade along the Scheldt quays from which you have a great view of the river. At the end of the promenade you can find the restaurant RAS where you can dine, or enjoy the view on the cosy outdoor café.
The cruise terminal at the Zuiderterras can berth ships with a length up to 265 metres. Larger cruise ships can no longer dock at the Scheldt quays and are diverted to the docks in the port of Antwerp. Those ships will most likely berth at the Leopolddok, altough this could possibly change. When a ship will berth in the docks it will be clearly announced on our website.  All other ships will dock at the normal berth at the cruise terminal.
The Port of Antwerp (ships larger than 265 metres)
Public transport right river bank (city side)
Photo opportunities
Antwerp is the perfect port for taking photos of the cruise ships. It is possible to literally view the ships from every side. From on top of the promenade 'Het Zuiderterras' you can observe the ships from only a few metres away. Via the pedestrian tunnel (Sint-Annatunnel), which is located 5 minutes from the Zuiderterras, you can view the ships from the left river bank (Linkeroever) in front of the skyline after a ca. 15 minute walk below the river. In the afternoon the ships are illuminated by the sun when it's beautiful weather. During the departure and the arrival of the ships you are able to view them along almost the complete length of both river banks.
Public transport left river bank:
Metro station Groenplaats: lines 3, 5, 9, 15
Metro station F. van Eeden: lines 3, 5, 9, 15
Bus Stop Suikerrui / Steenplein: line 34
Busses Stop Sint-Jansvliet: lines 34, 291, 295
 Busses Stop Van Eedenplein: lines 36, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 87, 89, 93, 95, 97,99, 99S
From the Central Station (NMBS):
Metro line 9 and 15 from Metro station Diamant (side Pelikaanstraat)
Metro line 3 and 5 from Metro station Astrid  (side Astridplein)
Berth place: Quay length: Max. Draft: Quay hight (LAT): Avg. Tide difference:
Quay 20/21 270 metres 8 metres 7,3 metres 5,29 metres
Information Trains:
Plan Tram network Antwerpen
Map Cruise Terminal Ernest Van Dijckkaai, 2000 Antwerpen
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