At the bottom of this page you can find our e-mail adress. If you have any questions about  the cruise ships that come to Antwerp please contact us. We will be happy to help you.
FAQ - Frequently asked questions
Is it possible to visit a cruise ship while docked in Antwerp? No, due to practical and safety reasons it is not possible to visit the ships. There are some travel agents that do arrange visits onboard the ships  from time to time. Should the city of Antwerp ever arrange a visit this will be clearly mentioned on the website. How do I know if a cruise ship will turn during the arrival or the departure? This question has no univocal answer. Turning a ship around during the arrival or the departure depends on the decision of the ships' pilot and the tide on the river Scheldt. Although, larger ships are more likely to turn at high tide. Are the images on the website free to copy for own use? No, all the imagery is copyrighted. Therefore the use of logos and images is not allowed without permission.  This also applies to images without a visible watermark. If you want to use imagery please ask for permission in advance.
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