Photo Albums
On this page you can click to the individual photo albums of the different cruise ships that have ever been docked in Antwerp. The ships are divided into 4 categories: Sea cruise ships, River cruise ships, Interior and Other. Each ship has gotten a separate photo page. This means that photos of a ship that has visited Antwerp with different names are all combined on one page. But you can find the ship by each name in the list. Next to the name you can find the IMO/INE-number. This number alaways stays the same, even when a ship changes its name, or changes owner.
Not every ship has a photo album Do you have photos of the missing cruise ships in Antwerp? Send them to us!
Sea cruise ships
Interior sea cruise ships
IMO: 8000214
IMO: 7359474
IMO: 6411964
Europa (1981)
IMO: 7822457
Fedor Dostoevskiy
IMO: 8506373
IMO: 9172777
Renaissance 2
IMO: 9156474
Seabourn Spirit
IMO: 8807997
IMO: 5282627
Interior river cruise ships
River cruise ships
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Maasdam (1952)
IMO: 5216147
IMO: 5023162
IMO: 5050567
IMO: 5197664
Lev Tolstoy
IMO: 7625809