5 Year Jubilee Website
In January 2016 it has been exactly 5 years since the website ' Cruise Ships in Antwerp' appeared online for the first time. What started as a very small website with just a dozen pages and about 150 photos grew into a site with more than 350 pages and 3500 photos.
GIVEAWAY: To celebrate the 5 Year Jubilee of the website we will once-only give away two packages with cruise- related souvenirs. Find out how you can participate below on this page!
Website evolution:
Those who have been following the website from the first year can endorse that the website underwent a great metamorphose over the last 5 years. For those people who have just discovered the site recently it might be nice to see how the website has evolved throughout the years.
GIVEAWAY JANUARI 2016: To celebrate the 5 Year Jubilee of the website we will once-only give away two packages with cruise-related souvenirs. One on this page, and a second one on our Facebook-page
What can you win?
A lanyard of AIDA Cruises + a ball pen of AIDA Cruises + a ball pen of the Port of Antwerp + a stirring stick of the MS Europa + a match box of the MS Europa + a match box of Cunard + a USB-stick of the Port of Antwerp (4GB)
Giveaway 5 Years Cruise Ships in Antwerp
Bart Vanreusel
By participating in this contest you agree with the method and decisions of Cruise Ships in Antwerp. The winner of this contest will be randomly selected by a programm. It is not possible to withdraw or change our decisions after the announcement of the winner. The prize will be send to the winner by our team. When the contest ends we contact the winner in person and try to get the prize to him/her as soon as possible. Prize: When the prize would get lost in the postal system we cannot ensure to be able to send a second copy.
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I want to thank everyone who visits and supports the website. Without you this project would never be as big as it is today. Thank you very much! Happy New Year and an incredible 2016! Sebastiaan Peeters Founder of Cruise Ships in Antwerp
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