MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom)
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Berth places - River Cruise Ships
Photo: MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom)
Berth place - Scheldt Quays
Every year hundreds of river cruise ships visit Antwerp. Days with eight or more river cruise ships docked at the same time are no rarity in the city. Because the river cruise ships visit Antwerp in such large numbers it is not possible to let them all dock in one single place. Therefore the ships are spread out over three berth places in the city:      - the Scheldt Quays      - the Willemdok      - the Kattendijkdok Below you can find information about all three berth places.
The river cruise ships that dock at the Scheldt Quays can do so at Quay 18 & 19, just behind the Zuiderterras, at the bus parking place. Up to 6 river cruise ships can berth there at the same time in two blocks of three vessels. Scheldt Quay 18 & 19 has a central location and the city centre can easily be reached on foot.
Map Berth Place Scheldt Quays
Information Busses & Trams:
Accessibility - Scheldt Quays
Metro station Groenplaats: lines 3, 5, 9, 15
Bus Stop Suikerrui / Steenplein: line 34
Busses Sint-Jansvliet: lines 34, 291, 295
Berth place - Kattendijkdok
The place where the majority of the river cruise ships dock is the Kattendijkdok on the North side of the city. The ships berth at both the West and East side of the dock. On busy days several cruise ships will be docked alongside each other. The berth place is close to some interesting museums.  Both the Red Star Line Museum and the MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom) are only 300 metres away from the cruise quay.
Accessibility - Kattendijkdok
Busses Stop Londenstraat: lines 1, 13
Bus Stop Rijnkaai: line 17
Berth place - Willemdok
The Willemdok is located on the North side of Antwerp, not far from the Kattendijkdok. The Willemdok also hosts the marina of the city. The river cruise ships berth at the Napoleonkaai, the northern quay of the dock. From there the MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom) is located at 500 metres from the quay, and the Red Star Line Museum at a distance of 700 metres.
Accessibility - Willemdok
Information Trains:
MAS Museum Aan de Stroom Red Star Line  Museum
Busses Stop Londenstraat: lines 1, 13
Bus Stop Rijnkaai: line 17
Map Berth Place Kattendijkdok & Willemdok
More information on the website of Antwerpen Stadshaven (in Dutch)